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Duplex offset charta de excudendi charta refers to

TEMPUS: 2021, 11 19, Sites: 8

Double offset paper refers to printing paper, also called offset paper, double powder paper. It refers to the paper in which the sizing material is applied to both sides of the paper to improve the physical properties of the surface during the papermaking process. Generally, the basis weight of double offset paper is between 60 grams and 120 grams, and there are also 150 grams of high-weight double offset paper. For example, the picture albums and color printed magazines that we often read are all used in double offset paper.


Today I am sharing from the production site of Changjiang Machinery's single-pole 1400 slitting 68 grams of double-adhesive paper. This gram-weight double-adhesive paper is mainly used for label paper in clothing factories, engineering drawings, documents and books, mounting, magazines, manuals, etc. In the video, we can see that the CHM-1400 single-blade slitting machine of Changjiang Machinery has an atmospheric shape. It is high-speed and stable during the process of slitting 68 grams of double offset paper. 2 rolls are slit at the same time. The speed is up to 300r/min, which is the ideal paper product processing machine in the eyes of the paper industry and printing industry.